can we just realise how lucky this world is that mark’s parents had sex


"We first met in June when he played in a concert here. We’ve taken it slowly, but we have been having fun ever since - and I’m very happy. He came with me on my vacation, and I’ll be honest: I like him a lot. He’s funny, gorgeous and sexy!"

resquested by an anon

imaginedawson’s All Time Low August challenge (x)- day 12: Favorite tweet of Rian’s


Alex replied to my tweet today about his inspiration for lost in stereo. I’m in tears, this is my favorite song and I couldn’t be happier


i feel like dancin’ | all time low

Fave all time low songs in order


1) All of them

2) All of them

3) I kinda like that one called “All of them”

4) Also that one All of them

5) All of them is pretty cool

6) dont forget their ep “all of them”

7) and that demo “all of them” too